South of Corfu is the island of Paxos, a beautiful, picturesque Ionian Island. One can travel to Paxos by car from the Port of Igoumenitsa. The distance between Igoumenitsa and Paxos is 21 nautical miles while the duration of the journey is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Alternatively, one can travel from Corfu to Paxos either by ferryboat making a short stop in Igoumenitsa, especially if they want to travel with their car, or directly with our flying dolphin PAXOS ISLAND, which can only carry passengers. The distance between Corfu and Paxos is 29 nautical miles and the duration of the direct voyage with our flying dolphin is 55 minutes
The capital of Paxos and the main port is Gaios where one can find many options for food, drink and accommodation.

Erimitis beach, one of the most remote beaches of Paxos.

Lakka beach in Paxos. White sand and turquoise waters make up the ideal summer landscape.

What makes Paxos stand out:

  • The magnificent beaches with turquoise waters and sea caves, that can be reached either from land or by boat.
  • The centuries-old olive trees and the traditional small villages, which highlight the intense Greek element of the island.
  • Wild landscapes and Byzantine churches give additional options for activities.
  • The famous wine of small production and excellent quality along with the pure Corfiot cuisine and the local production raw material.

Loggos, a classic village of Paxos, around the harbour with fishing boats and framed by a green landscape.

Panoramic view from the small harbour and the fishing village of Lakka with emerald waters and picturesque boats.

Paxos is an ideal destination for a peaceful holiday, an opportunity to escape from the hectic pace of the city enjoying the authenticity and quality that the island can offer.

Travel to Paxos with the fleet of Kerkyra Lines.

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