Diapontia Islands are located northwest of the island of Corfu.

One can travel to the Diapontia Islands from the port of Corfu by the boat “EVDOKIA”. 


Ereikoussa is the most populous island of the Diapontia Islands. It is 29 nautical miles from Corfu and the duration of the journey is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Full of green and especially olive and cypress trees, Erikousa is an ideal place for a peaceful holiday thanks to its calm sandy beaches, away from the hustle and bustle of the neighbouring Corfu. On the south beach of Erikousa is Porto, the main port of the island, while there are two more small villages, Fyki in the west and Bragini in the east, a small port and a beach with shallow waters.


Mathraki is the smallest of the Diapontia Islands. It is 36 nautical miles away from Corfu and the duration of the journey (with a stopover at Erikoussa) is 3 hours and 20 minutes. It is particularly green with picturesque paths and small settlements and sandy beaches, suitable for nature lovers. The main settlement in the east is Plaka, where the port and the endless sandy beach of Portello with shallow waters and Arvanitiko Beach are located. To the west are the bay of Fyki, Kontrakas, the old port and the port of Apidia, where you can enjoy the sunset.


Othoni is the largest of the Diapontia Islands. It is 43 nautical miles away from Corfu and the duration of the journey (with stopovers at Erikousa and Mathraki) is 4 hours. It is divided into 2 parts: Ano Panta with the villages Chorio and Dafni and Kato Panta with main settlements Mastoratika and Kasimatika. By many, it is considered to be the ancient Ogygia of Homer, the island of Calypso the muse who captured Odysseus for seven years. The cave of Calypso is a few minutes with a small boat from Ammos, the port of the island, and is the most famous attraction of Othoni. Nearby are old churches and the stone mill. On the island, there are many beaches with the most famous ones being Aspri Ammos and Xilosermoi beach, most of which are accessible by boat. Finally, Othoni is an ideal destination for hiking as the traditional trails allow visitors to walk in almost every settlement of the island.

Aspri Ammos beach in Othoni is a reason to visit the unexplored treasures of the Diapontia Islands.

Diapontia Islands as a whole are an ideal destination for those who wish to be isolated and enjoy moments of peace and tranquillity while enjoying nature.

Travel to the Diapontia islands with the fleet of Kerkyra Lines.

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