Update on COVID-19 spread prevention measures

  • Passengers’ embarkation from / to Corfu and from / to Paxos correspondingly is allowed only under the following conditions:
    • Passengers who are fully vaccinated or who have diseased from COVID-19 demonstrate:
      1. Vaccination certificate, provided that they have completed, at least fourteen (14) days before, the COVID-19 vaccination or
      2. a COVID-19 disease certificate which is issued 30 days after the first positive test and is in force up to one hundred and eighty (180) days after the infection.
    • Passengers who are not fully vaccinated or who have not diseased from COVID-19 need to do a rapid test (RPT) within the last forty eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled travel time and demonstrate a relevant certificate from a private diagnostic center or a private clinic or a private doctor at their own expense.
      • The above obligations include minors from twelve (12) years and over.
      • Children from four (4) up to eleven (11) years old are allowed to travel if they have done a self-test within the last twenty four (24) hours prior to the scheduled travel time.
  • Prior to boarding, passengers must obtain the “Public Health Questionnaire” from our agencies or print it by clicking here, complete it and hand it in upon entering the ship.
  • During the whole voyage, passengers are obliged to wear a face mask and maintain the necessary distance (1.5 m.) between each other.

Our priority is the health protection of our passengers and employees. For that purpose we take all the necessary measures for the spread prevention of COVID – 19.

Safety measures during ticket purchase

  • Online ticket reservation and the pre – boarding health declaration questionnaire are available through our website, in order to avoid crowding in our ticket offices.
  • Floor signs indicate the necessary social distance (1,5 m.) while issuing a ticket.
  • Use of special protective glass panels maximize safety during transactions taking place in our ticket offices.
  • Pre – boarding health declaration questionnaire provided from our agencies.
  • Instructions on completing the health questionnaire and information about mandatory use of masks during the whole voyage, provided by our employees.
  • National Public Health Organization posters informing passengers about the necessary safety measures, placed in front of our agencies.
  • Antiseptic gel dispensers available for use in all our agencies.

Safety on board

  • Upon entrance, all passengers have to hand the health questionnaire to the Finance Officer of the ship.
  • Our ships are equipped with thermometers which can be used if necessary.
  • Use of masks from the crew and the passengers is mandatory during the whole voyage, in all areas of the ship.
  • Floor signs indicating the necessary social distance (1.5m) between passengers on the ship.
  • Use of special protective glass panels to maximize safety during transactions on board.
  • National Public Health Organization posters are placed in specific areas of the ship and regular announcements inform passengers about the necessary safety measures.
  • Regular disinfections in all areas of the ship with specialized equipment.

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